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is recognized as the industry leader in multiple screen computer systems and related technologies. We are most well known for our high performance QuadStation computer systems, and our company is backed by 19 years of solid experience. It is our mission to build the most reliable and longest lasting computer systems in the world.

Please choose a category below for full details on any of our product lines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Trading Workstations
QuadStation Multiple Display Trading Computers...nothing faster..period.
Multiple screen 'QuadStation-i7' trading computers. Support for 2 to 12 displays. Fast, Quiet, Rock Solid. FREE shipping!
Business Workstations
Business workstations with 2 to 12 independent displays. Control rooms, surveillance,  trade shows, manufacturing, office professionals.
Multiple screen computers with 2 to 12 independent displays. Control rooms, surveillance,  manufacturing, offices.
Travel Computers
3 Display Travel Computer with Weatherproof Case
Travel computers with 3 displays for professionals. Powerful laptop plus 2 lightweight displays. Rugged case fits in overhead.
LCD Monitor Mounts
LCD Moniitor Stands and Mounts for Multi Display. Many styles to choose from.
LCD Monitor mounts / stands for mounting 2-12 screens in a space saving array. Keeps your desktop clean and efficient. Very sturdy.
Video Surveillance
Record live video from a remote location. Business, commercial, residential, government.
Remote Video Surveillance (RVS) Monitor LIVE video from a remote location. Complete digital video camera system and software.
Digital Signage
Multi Display Digital Signage Systems
Easy to use Digital Signage systems with 1 to 11 displays. A very cost effective digital signage solution for businesses. PC Based.
Wireless Technology
Long distance wireless ethernet systems. Transmit video with long range wireless video modules. Point to point, and multi-point.
Video Cards
Dual and Quad Video Cards for Setting up Multiple Monitors
2, 4 and 6 port multiple monitor video cards to increase the number of displays in your current system.
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